Summer Weather Coming Up This Weekend For Southern California


A round of summer-like heat is coming to Southern California this weekend after a slew of below average temperature days.  Read on for details.

Southern California has been getting below average temperatures for the last week, all thanks to a pesky onshore flow.  Truly considered the ‘May Gray’ it isn’t all that uncommon to see this type of weather.

However, the marine layer will back out of the deeper valleys where it is now as a result of building high pressure.  The marine layer will back to the coast, going offshore at times this weekend… but overall making clear skies inland and temperatures soaring into the Mid to Upper 90s, with a chance at a 100 mark breaking in the Inland Empire.  Heat advisories will likely be needed.  Drizzle will be possible at times along the coast.

May Gray will return by the middle of this next week, after the heatwave … and last till the end of the month.


As you all are well aware by now, Google has lost many ad partners in a boycott, political reasons. These ad partners are not coming back so I have decided to change Southern California Weather Force and so here are the changes effective next week.
We are downgrading to a server that cannot handle the FB page linking of the content. This will ensure we make it through the Summer. These ad partners were over 90% of the site revenue on viral articles during storm season … and without them we only rely on subscriptions for the 10%.
Now, App will still run, the member section will still run, micro-climate alerts will still be issued.
What will CHANGE will be the posting of articles on the main Facebook page. Because this server downgrade will be extremely slow on viral articles, it would render our premium members to not be able to see the site. So to combat this I have decided to just use the website for the alerts, not linking ANYTHING to the main Facebook Page.
Images: The articles will be posted in image form. I’ll upload the image and the article that would otherwise be linked to the main website through the main Facebook Page will no longer be available. All traffic from that main page will remain in image form view-able on Facebook so yes you’ll still get updates as they have been given before.
All this was because of a political issue from Google and me having to downgrade in order to keep premium members being able to receive their updates.
The goal is to keep ALL traffic coming from the Android App, Member Email Alert System, and Micro-climate Facebook groups. No articles will be posted in ‘link form’ on the main page with almost 50,000 people on it. Doing so would ensure a crash on the server I’m forced to downgrade to.
Thank you,
And hopefully we’ll get through this season in one piece.

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