June 27, 2017 at 5:34 pm

Mart Fire Burning In Foothills Above Highland; Weather Conditions and Fire Movement Forecast


A fire has broken out above the Highland forecast areas, just east of Highway 330.  Here at Southern California Weather Force I spring into action and do a 24 hour assessment on where this fire would burn to.. and who gets the bad smoke/air quality …

The winds shouldn’t be a problem at the moment for the fire area, which will limit upward progression. Right now I’m crunching numbers to assess movement of the fire. Preliminary estimation of mine suggests a NE movement into the mountains toward Smiley Park and along the right side of the 330 through later evening with a brief northwest movement to 330 overnight and into Wednesday morning before resuming northeast again by the afternoon/evening hours …

Mid-level winds however are aiming Yucaipa later on. .. THUS .. I will need to issue your city a SMOKE ADVISORY … as you’ll be hit with bad air quality levels …  This also will be for Campgrounds along Highway 38 and into Big Bear Lake …

Prevailing winds with the smoke should remain eastward from the fire … with surface winds and fire burning direction slowly northwest toward Smiley Park.

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