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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Issued Zones:  Entire Southern California Fault-System

Site:  Southern California Weather Force has issued an Earthquake Watch effective now through Friday night for regional stress fractures from a large quake in  Alaska …

Date:  1/23/18 at 6:30am PT

Forecast: Five days ago someone on the comment section expressed their birthday timing with quakes and I said “Close.. Next one will be around the 20th worldwide…” … The link to that is in the alert below … 

Alaska popped off a major earthquake overnight and this created Tsunami alerts along the west coast that have since been downgraded to nothing … however the main quake was directly on the plate that runs through our area, along the San Andreas Fault where the Pacific and North American plates meet. 

I’ve seen all too well how large quakes in South America and Alaska can affect our area.  One-small scale example was the 1992 Landers quake and four hours later on a separate fault-zone the Big Bear Earthquake.  This was due to my theory of faults affecting each other. 

Another such example would be on down in South America before the San Fernando Quake of the 1970s. 

Now, just because one hit the plate doesn’t 100% mean we’ll see a larger quake… because that isn’t possible to predict.  What it does give us is a window of three days of the most probable stress fracture event on our fault systems based off the larger quake affecting the entire plate boundary in the short term. 

A magnitude 4 or greater earthquake is expected in or near Southern California during the watch period as a result of the Alaskan quake. 

Link to comment prediction of next worldwide quake – Click Here To View The Comment Prediction

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About This Alert:  An Earthquake Watch is rare and means that an Earthquake of sufficient magnitude struck the plate connected to Southern California and that fault-lines within the area could be affected over the next three day period.  It does not mean one will for sure hit, but gives you a watch period for stress fracture chances within the fault-zones that ‘could’ slip a magnitude 4 or greater.

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