California Is Doomed: Climate Alarmist Daniel Swain Publishes Propaganda Article About Climate Change; Fact Check


Climate Alarmist Daniel Swain and his ‘colleagues’ have published a propaganda article about climate change and how in the next 50 years California will have another 1861-2 Flood in the next 50 years.  Newsflash, we already know this… and it isn’t because of ‘man-made climate change either.  Find out what really is happening by reading on.

The 1861-2 California Flood killed 1% of the state population.  It was the worst natural disaster in California history.  Where was the man-made global warming then?  It is said that this type of flood will happen once every 200 years.  Well 200 years would end in 2062 and Swain’s ‘research’ says 50 years from now?  We already knew this without him.  This has no merit.  Who is paying him and his colleagues to spread man-made global warming agendas?

Man-made global warming was not around back in the 1860s and we had less people as well.  So why all of a sudden is Swain and his team stating that another 200 year flood will happen because of us?  Follow the money trail I say .. it isn’t real science.

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What is real science is looking at the cycles of this planet.  In reality, we have 30 year cycles of direct average warming and cooling in the Northern Pacific Ocean.  This is called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), a pattern of Pacific climate variability similar to ENSO (El Nino and La Nina) in character, but which varies over a much longer time scale.  The PDO, like ENSO, consists of a warm and cool phase which alters upper level atmospheric winds. 

We are at the end of cooling phase and it looks like we are starting up on a predominately warm PDO phase very shortly as noted by the decline at the end of the right side of the graph.  This will put California back into major storm seasons after 2020, which will be my prime as a meteorologist serving the area.  A warm, or positive PDO phase is what we need to bring more storms into California, including more into Southern California.  The chart at the top of this article shows the warm and cold phase cycles even before we started with any major CO2 productions.

Weather events are in cycles likely from solar influence and volcanic influence on the planet.  As stated before, we have not seen a major volcanic eruption that would alter the planet’s temperatures since Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines in the year 1991.  This volcano shot enough SO2 into the atmosphere to block some of the sun’s rays, reflecting it back out into space.  This brought cooling to the climate for several years.  Since we have not seen one of those since the 90s and the solar activity is low, we can say that the planet would warm as a result.  This is where your ‘global warming’ is coming from … not humans.

Now I will say one thing.  If we stop all the Co2 emissions we STILL will have weather extremes.  That is how the planet has done in the past even before we came to be and it will do it in the future when we are long gone.


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