Slider System Into Southern California To Bring Some Areas Rain, Snow, Thunder, or Wind; Ventura Metro Damaging Wind Alert Included


NASCAR:  Morning showers will give way to increasing rain/thunderstorm activity by afternoon and evening.  If the race starts on time then there will be a possible delay after the 3pm hour or so when the storms move on in.  Depending how how long they stick around will depend on cancellation mid-race or not.  It could pass and then it is a night race … however one good drenching cell and it will take a long time to dry that track out so something to keep an eye on.  I may or may not attend because any good delay would mean a possible night race and that would be fun to see.  I’ll look in the morning to see what my chances are and decide there.

As for the rest of us with Southern California Weather Force.  San Diego, you’ll start the mist/light showers as early as tonight, increasing through the IE/OC/LA upslope zones (inland) through the morning hours.  As afternoon moves along the storm system will move in.  Convergence is maximized along the SBA/VT/LA/SBD Mountain areas and this, including the Gorman Pass .. .is where we will see the risk of convection and thunderstorms, including the SCV, San Gabriel Valley, and through to Yucaipa.  The snow level with the passage of the afternoon/evening will be around the 4,500 FT mark so it’s possible to see flakes at the top of the Gorman and Cajon Pass with any passing shower/storm.

The winner from this will be San Diego County, including San Diego proper.  Much like the last one, the west to east flow will favor that area Sunday into Sunday night / Monday morning before moving out.  There are indications that it could rain as far east as the Imperial Valley areas given the slight change in track of the upper system Sunday night into Monday morning.

Wind will be gusting out there in all desert/mountain areas on Sunday, but the real kicker will be the High Wind Warning criteria winds in Ventura/Oxnard so if you have to get things out from the outside or tie anything down such as a trampoline, do so … or your neighborhood will get that free gift from you.

Snow/Rain models will be released on Sunday morning …

As stated in previous updates … After March 8-9th or so we get an atmospheric river setting up and this will push the rainfall totals up for the month of March.  I’ll have the official March 2020 forecast out soon, which will include that.

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