September 19, 2020 at 7:53 am

CURRENT EVENT: California Officially Ends Earthquake Drought; Now Begins 30 Years Of Active Earthquakes Across The State; Details


For a few years now we have slowly been getting out of what is called an Earthquake drought.  Southern California is generally known for quakes.  All music, movies, and video games in the 70s 80s and 90s reflected the region as having Earthquakes, much like we would Oklahoma for tornadoes.  The 1994 Northridge quake shut the system down, however the Ridegcrest system started it back up so read on for details on getting use to it …

My advice is to never forget we live where earthquakes ‘use to’ hit more frequently.  People tend to forget about large earthquakes.  We see this everywhere we look with the amount of people whom are unprepared for them.  Society forgot that we live on a geologically unstable zone of the planet, the ring of fire, where the Pacific and North American Plate Boundaries meet.  Within that zone are hundreds of the faults caused by the movement of those two plates.

In 1994, the Northridge Earthquake shook violently.  The 6.7-magnitude quake is the last major metro earthquake we felt.  After that… everything seemed to just die off.  Sure we had the 1999 Hector Mine quake in the Mojave Desert near Landers, but we were still considered in an Earthquake drought.  Because of this quiet period, seismic waves were not moving across the region, affecting other fault zones.  We just didn’t have the motion, however little it could have been.  We started seeing larger quakes nearby a few years back and then we had the Ridgecrest quake.  If you think of it like waves in a swimming pool, the waves bounce off the walls and back to the other side and continue on.  If you continue this process, you will disturb other areas with one initial cannonball into the pool.  The Ridgecrest and Tonopah, NV quakes as of recent is a clear sign of this.  We are still seeing reverberation from these quakes and they will continue to set off nearby fault-zones.  Even quakes in Oregon and Northern California will do the same… even as far south as Mexico.

We will now be in a 30 year earthquake season because of the reverberation.  These 4s and 5s you must get use to because they will happen more frequently than not over the next 30 years.  The system remains unstable at California Fault Stress Model.  The ULF spikes have not gone down and it clearly indicates the region is still reverberating from all the nearby quakes, and this 4.5 quake in Los Angeles just adds onto it.

Now, at the current time I am not seeing a major earthquake.  California Fault Stress Model (Click here to join that Facebook Page) clearly shows while we are in unrest, nominal 4s and 5s will continue to be more likely than damaging quakes over the extended period.  The California Fault Stress Model directly predicted the major unrest in the region that lead to the July 2019 Ridgecrest quake.  It has not seen the spikes of that magnitude yet.  When it does however, you will see it on California Fault Stress Model or maybe on an article over at Southern California Weather Force (Click here to join that Facebook Page).

Regardless, this activity was predicted with a video at Southern California Weather Force. (Click Here for That Video)  It stated clearly the stress shoved south to the LA Basin but also east to NV where we did have a strong quake earlier in the season.  We remain with unrest, so don’t do what society normalizes and not prepare.  Don’t forget you are now out of an Earthquake drought and events will become more common that of before the Northridge quake where the region shook a lot.

Where next?  Well I ran the model algorithm for the latest LA Basin quake and we have another north/south/east/west transfer and this quake is talking to the Ridgecrest zone again, the Garlock Fault, Santa Barbara, OC/San Diego, and the Morongo Basin to Big Bear/Yucaipa zones.  A 4.5 isn’t too large, but the shaking was enough that a nearby fault will be affected in the stress transfer zones in a short period of time.

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