First Strong Geomagnetic Storm (Solar Storm) In Years Hits Earth, Lasts Through Today; Seismic Unrest Detected On Ring of Fire


A strong solar storm has generated a geomagnetic storm that has disrupted electronic devices, including GPS systems.  Aurora has dipped south of Alaska into Canada as a result and the backlash reverberation could ignite a secondary storm as seismic (earthquake) activity will be elevated so read on for details on that …

Since back before 2005 my theory in geomagnetic storms and earthquakes known as a ‘coreshock method’ was never given thought.  Sure, afterwards these ‘scientists’ tried to say it might have some merit but was my name on anything for theorizing it?  Even searching Coreshock Theory up will land you to a forum I use to frequent for loonies like me with crazy theories.  The coreshock theory revolves on just a slight push from the core that generates a ‘wave’ of updraft of material through the mantle to create pressure in the direction the geomagnetic field is energized and thus a larger quake comes from it.  Quake activity around the planet seems to be more elevated when we have geomagnetic storms.  It’s no coincidence that we haven’t seen many larger quakes like we use to and that the Sun is also at solar minimum, or a very deep sleep in producing solar flares due to the lack of sunspots.

So what does that mean for areas around California?  The California Fault Stress Model (Click here to join that Facebook Page) and Project DESTINI (Click here to join that Facebook Page) work in tandem with solar storm activity to see how much pressure is being exerted on the worldwide plates and also are local region.  Project DESTINI is showing the Pacific Ring of Fire is highly disturbed when it was only showing less than half of it four days ago.  The California Fault Stress Model is responding to a ‘breathing effect’ meaning the activity is literally making the crust breath up and down and this could easily cause a slippage of one of the faults in the local region.  Since the 9/28/2020 update in this office of Project DESTINI, the breathing effect remains and a dip in ULF waves means it’s in the loading stage.  Where it goes from there will determine what we are looking at in the near term, but what I see shows the nominal 3s, 4s, and maybe a 5 in the region.  Until the California Fault Stress Model shows a bigger spike, I can’t go with much more.  Still, the planet is fluid and things will change in an instant, perhaps even a day from now when the effects of the solar storms subside and something decides to give.

With that being said, Project DESTINI is highly elevated in the region and we do have a solar storm.  The next strong seismic event on the Ring of Fire is coming soon, but I need to see the California Fault Stress Model respond upwards to believe it to be this area.

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