October 6, 2020 at 7:39 am

URGENT WARNING: Hurricane Delta On Verge To Become Category Five System, Impact Expected In Louisiana on Friday evening into Saturday With Storm Surge Starting As Early As Thursday Night


National Weather Force has issued a Hurricane Warning for the Southern Louisiana Coast.  Hurricane Delta is approaching Cancun, Mexico and it will make a mess of that area on Wednesday as a major hurricane before heading into the deep Gulf of Mexico zones, accelerating into a category 4 or 5 system before hitting Louisiana later on Friday so for complete details read on with the fact that Delta will be the first Major Greek Alphabet Hurricane in history …

Hurricane Delta models have run here at National Weather Force.  Given the recon was not getting the data needed yesterday from the development at a fast pace, forecasts were downplayed for all agencies, including here.  However, yesterday evening I calculated it again and it was more realistic with a a major hurricane on our hands.  The current projection (image above) is that this storm will hit somewhere around Morgan City to Houma, Louisiana later on Friday.  But, you do not need to wait for Friday for the effects.  This system is so large, with category 4 winds expanding over 100 miles south of the state that the building storm surge will hit the coast even 24+ hours out so I’d be out of there by Wednesday if I were you.

The model (left image above) is an exclusive model here at National Weather Force.  It gives me an x-ray of the hurricanes and it is a very scary sight indeed.  Here are the specs from it.

Tropical Storm Force winds extend an impressive 350 miles across.  Hurricane force winds 160 mph across, and major hurricane (c3 or higher) at 100 miles across.  This thing is like a giant tornado 100 miles across.

But, as it turns north, there are indications it will weaken below major hurricane status before hitting the coast.  As per my tracking map I have it hitting at a Category 2 or 1.  The system is so large that usually these do weaken as the north end gets disrupted and drier air is sucked into it before the center gets to the coast.  It is quite common and happened with Katrina in 2005.  Small hurricane (diameter) like Andrew in 1992 however are moving so fast that they never weaken at the coast and hit at their maximum.

Flooding will be maximized in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  I will issue flood products as the week goes along in separate state targeted posts at the National Weather Force Facebook Page.  But, I am expecting deadly flooding with this system, especially MS/LA with some areas seeing over 20+ inches of rain.

Tornado Watches will be issued on a day basis so not much to talk about with those.

Stay tuned to official forecasts here at National Weather Force

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