WARNING: Record Breaking Heatwave Projected Starting Next Weekend For California’s Central Valley With 120+F Temperatures Under Strong Ridge


A record-breaking heatwave may be in the works starting next weekend and going through the early to mid part of the week of the 28th across California’s Central Valley with temperatures over 120F and higher, some even showing 121-125 for the Sacramento Valley so read on for details …

While won’t affect much of Southern California, I decided to post this on Southern California Weather Force just in case you know someone in the Central Valley and/or work there yourself.  This will also affect Bakersfield with 115+ temperatures and 110+ for Paso Robles, in the San Luis Obispo County area so in essence, it will also affect our inland zones of Southern California.  The projection shows 120+ from Fresno through Red Bluff, with insane temperatures projected for Sacramento as well.

A near 600m upper-level ridge of high pressure will form directly over Northern and Central California by next weekend.  This ridge is expected to be rather prolonged.  A 600m ridge is extremely rare and has in the past challenged records at Death Valley as well.  As for us down here during the heatwave, I already mentioned Bakersfield and Paso Robles.  The high and low deserts will also see heatwave level temperatures as well as inland areas like the SCV and Inland Empire zones.  The coast will remain much more comfortable during this event.

I would suggest if you are in the Central Valley to prepare for this record-breaking heatwave coming up.  This is the type to kill produce.

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