Embedded Easterly Wave With Monsoon Moisture Influx Over The Weekend For Southern California


The ridge of high pressure that has brought hot temperatures over the last week will move to Utah over the weekend, which opens up the southeast flow for monsoon moisture into Southern California with mountain/desert thunderstorms being likely, with some chances of storms over parts of the coast/valley regions so read on for details …

It’s been a while since any weather event has allowed me to post, but we have a brief intrusion of monsoonal moisture for the Southland over the weekend.  The ridge will finally migrate eastward into Utah, opening the southeast flow out of Mexico and Arizona.  Monsoonal moisture causing thunderstorms across Arizona will be allowed to spread into Southern California starting Saturday, probably peaking on Sunday.  An embedded easterly wave may make it possible for pop-up shower or thunderstorm activity as far west as Ventura and Kern County through the weekend and into early Monday as well.  The peak again is Sunday into Monday. There are some indications that Monday’s pattern could bring the moisture further west into San Luis Obispo County.

I Will update as I crunch more numbers and the time-frame gets a bit closer.  Elsewhere areas that do not get the showers or storms, it’ll be humid and miserable.

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