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WARNING: Enhanced Santa Ana Wind Watch Issued For Wednesday into Thursday Across Southern California; Details


Southern California Weather Force has upgraded the alert and issued an Enhanced Santa Ana Wind Watch for a large portion of Southern California’s metro areas starting Wednesday and going till Thursday afternoon.  Another one of the strongest wind event of the season will hit and you need to know the details on where the worst will be and what is recommended not to do for your own safety so read on for details …

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A storm system moving into Arizona will generate strong northerly winds on the western periphery.  This is a classic upper, thermal, and gradient support Santa Ana Wind Event, so much so these are where the most dangerous patterns come from if you are not familiar with the area.  SCWF Santa Ana Wind Model showed a strong event a day ago, having issued the official Santa Ana Wind Watch well ahead of time, it is now time to upgrade this forecast wording.

As Wednesday afternoon hits we will start to feel the effects from the upper-level low dropping into Arizona and by evening all will break lose in the Santa Ana Wind prone zones, going through the overnight and into Thursday.

SCWF wind models do show damaging wind gusts in the metros areas.  Even wind tunnels reaching as far as Santa Monica and Even LAX, which is quiet rare,  so this means the San Gabriel Valley will have the winds as well when normally you do not.  Upper support gives what is called a mountain rotor (wave).  Mountain waves are like horizontal tornadoes just to the south of the mountains with a north wind like this.  This slams air downward, a reason the areas near the Southern Los Angeles and San Bernardino Mountains will see the strongest winds.  The strongest metro winds will be Chaffey College, in Ranch Cucamonga and then again in the Orange County area around Rancho Santa Margarita.

The Cajon Pass will have wind gusts strong enough to tip high profile vehicles up.  If you feel you need to travel up there in a high profile vehicle take the 215 because I-15 from I-10 to the bottom of the pass will tip you over, no escaping that one.  But, if you take the 215 from the 60 you will escape the strongest winds until the bottom of the Cajon Pass where the game will be over.  This wind event is what I call a complete no way out zone.  I-5 through the Santa Clarita Valley will be too dangerous to travel in a high profile vehicle, same with the Cajon and even Banning Pass.  All freeways leading out of the Los Angeles Metro zones will have winds strong enough to tip you over.  High profile is for truckers and/or campers.  If you want to beat the winds, beat them before sunrise on Wednesday or you are stuck and I would not recommend going up the passes then.

ALL Desert areas will also have the gusty winds.  This is an interesting event where even the Coachella Valley is in this Santa Ana Wind alert, which is quite rare for that area to receive the winds.  Highways I do not recommend traveling would be the west/east or east/west routes in the High or Low Desert from I-8, I-10, I-40, and I-15 – These routes will tip over high profile vehicles.  High profile vehicles are semi-trucks and/or campers.  Sometimes even a higher SUV could be considered it.

AIRPORTS:  MULTIPLE airports that will be DIRECTLY affected by this pattern this time … The first will be the Ontario International Airport, the second Burbank, third third Palm Springs, and the last one, a rare one … Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Low-level winds around the airports will make for a bumpy ride into it.  If you are traveling to any of these airports you need to be very aware that the airports lie at the center of the wind tunnel this time.  The arrival traffic pattern usually reverses out of the west, but as per the SCWF wind model, the west arrival pattern is also blocked with extremely strong winds so only the most experienced pilots will be able to land the planes then.  You very well may be diverted to Las Vegas or Phoenix until the event passes.  Given the runway at LAX has a crosswind with this event, the most logical airport to divert would be Phoenix and especially Las Vegas as there are two runways there in Vegas that will aim where the wind is coming from.  Although it will be gusty, that is the safest to land at, which is Runways 1R and 1L.

Mariners need to be extremely cautious when going to and from Catalina Island and the Channel Islands through offshore Malibu.  I know many instances where someone takes off in a sailboat from Ventura where the wind is a bit calmer and then capsizes when traveling southeast from there offshore Point Mugu or Malibu.  The SCWF wind model clearly shows this is not a good idea and I would recommend not going out Wednesday into Thursday.  Friday is fine …

If in the ‘damaging’ or higher category on this model, do not park your car near trees.  People have died when Santa Ana Winds have brought trees down on them in their own cars.

These winds are not for everyone, namely the San Diego Metro areas, where north winds do not affect you, but does affect your mountain zones around Warner Springs and also up to Anza where you are in the higher category from rotor winds off Mt. San San Jacinto upwind of your location…

Long Range Get use to these winds over the next 14 day period at least.  Several will hit this region, a lot of them strong events.

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I control 10 counties in Southern California so there is a lot to say for various areas. The best I can do is let the images below speak for themselves.

The maps below are of flood, rain, snow, snow-level, or wind intensity, whichever is available now.  Each one is clickable.  Map 1 is NW SoCal, Map 2 is SW SoCal, Map 3 is SE SoCal, Map 4 is NE SoCal, Map 5 is the Cajon Pass, and Map 6 is the SCV region, which includes Gorman at the top.


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