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The amount of resources and health issues surrounding me in the future have prompted me to make a decision for my business that I have never thought would happen, but it has officially happened and that is to separate free from premium in what can be read on the site so that it works for both the viewers and myself.   There is one thing you cannot get from the news or government weather sources … and that is what the project niche has always been.  The micro-climate alerts such as Santa Ana Wind, Flood, Winter, Wind, Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Surf, Marine and any other higher class alert you’ve seen via the app/email alert system will now be members only via season pass or yearly option. 

The articles however will remain free so anything posted on our social media pages will remain free to view … and those are considered vague forecasts.   Our micro-climate alert forecast system has always been the detailed aspect of the project and only members will now have the detailed maps/tstorm, snow graphs, etc we provide right on the alert itself and not the member page.

This is the final decision in this project.  We will not be charging for the articles on the site, but will be for our niche micro-climate alerts, with over 150+ micro-climates to handle with various weather events.

App Alerts:  If you have the app and are NOT a premium member you still will get the alerts.  You will be able to click over to the article push notifications.  You however will not be able to click-over and read the micro-climate alerts, however it still will ding your app.  The app is now going to be 100% in use for members only, where if you are not a member and would like to read the micro-climate alerts that come in … you will have to be a premium member.

Example of micro-climate alerts:   On Thanksgiving 2015 the government weather service did not predict snowfall for the San Bernardino County Mountains.  A Winter Weather Advisory was issued by this project, Southern California Weather Force, stating more than a few inches of snow would fall.   It did and people were stranded whom listened to the news and government weather sources but those whom were members knew this was coming from receiving the Winter Weather Advisory details from this project.
Those no longer will be free to view.

Value In The Site:  In buying a season pass you’ve understood the value of the site and the work that goes into it.  While you can get weather information for free anywhere, I will assure you that the level of micro-climate alert details and accuracy offered here will never be replicated by those same free services.  To know the dangers of weather that is coming and prevent it can save you money in the long run so this business in forecast is similar to you buying insurance … It’s a need if you want to save money in the long run.

Social Media:  We have thousands on our Facebook Page that view the forecasts given here.   Those articles will remain free to view.  Those articles are a vague introduction to the weather event to come and sometimes it is enough to know what is coming … BUT you will NOT be able to receive detailed micro-climate alerts unless you are a member.