Southern California Weather Force has two products that can help you in the future by becoming members of one or both of them.  The e-mail alert system has over 40 different products that can go out for flood, thunderstorm, snow, wind, surf, fog, fire, santa ana winds, and much more.  Those go to your e-mail so if you want that, sign-up above.
Personal Weatherman ADD-ON:  You can sign-up for this addon, which goes over the Facebook comment code as well as an option to do it via your website account.  You will be e-mailed a link for the Question and Answer section of that event and all you need to do is post a comment asking a question and you will get an answer from me personally.  I’ll research your question a bit and get back to you.  Once I post a reply, Facebook will notify you that your answer is ready and if doing it via the website then the website will notify you via e-mail when that reply is ready.
“But You Answer On Facebook”:  Yes, I do sometimes.. however it is not my priority to answer everyone’s questions.  I can if I have free time and do a lot, but having the add-on personal weatherman means you become my priority during inclement weather events.

Example of micro-climate alerts:   On Thanksgiving 2015 the government weather service did not predict snowfall for the San Bernardino County Mountains.  A Winter Weather Advisory was issued by this project, Southern California Weather Force, stating more than a few inches of snow would fall.   It did and people were stranded whom listened to the news and government weather sources but those whom were members knew this was coming from receiving the Winter Weather Advisory details from this project.
In 2018 I notified people in Santa Barbara and Ventura County via a long range forecast alert sent to members that a major flood event would hit.  This happened, and it saved lives as some I warned took my word for it and evacuated, saving their life.

Example of personal weatherman:   Taking a trip to Catalina Island?  I had someone ask me how Friday – Sunday would be and I replied in detail what to expect, including a rough ride there in the beginning with a chance activities will be halted out in the harbor and the best time will be later Saturday into Sunday for any ocean activities.  Their ride back would feature no rough seas.  Knowing this ahead of time in detail was crucial to them.   I also do point forecasts like that for storm events, including wind gust potential and timings.  Your questions can ask for some details and I’ll do my best to get it down to the location you are asking for.  Keep in mind that I will be busy answering other people so try to get all you ask in one comment so I can reply back to you with a load of info and not have a major comment string with question after question.  That is something I would appreciate. 

So there you have it,  either the email alerts, personal weatherman, or go with both if you need to.  Each has its own tier and perk.

Value In The Site:  In buying the products you’ve understood the value of the site and the work that goes into it.  While you can get weather information for free anywhere, I will assure you that the level of micro-climate alert details and accuracy offered here will never be replicated by those same free services.  To know the dangers of weather that is coming and prevent it can save you money in the long run so this business in forecast is similar to you buying insurance … It’s a need if you want to save money in the long run.  The personal weatherman add-on will certainly pay for itself as well.

Social Media:  We have thousands on our Facebook Page that view the forecasts given here.   Those articles will remain free to view.  Those articles are a vague introduction to the weather event to come and sometimes it is enough to know what is coming … BUT you will NOT be able to receive detailed micro-climate alerts unless you are a member.