Residual Showers Remain In Spots Through Tonight; Heatwave On The Horizon



A strong Hybrid Storm moved through the region on Tuesday, dropping record rainfall for this single day in September, showing that El Nino is alive and well.  This Fall Storm (Yes it’s meteorological fall not summer) will continue residual showers through tonight … Did you know this pattern was predicted by this project on August 26th?  We also have a good heatwave coming up.

A rare Mid-September storm hit the forecast area, known as a hybrid storm.  Former Hurricane Linda merged her low level moisture with upper level dynamics from a longwave trough and embedded shortwave to produce heavy rainfall amounts across the forecast area.

Did you know?  On August 26, 2015 before I left on vacation I predicted September’s pattern to feature the tropical tracks curving into Southern California and this would mean this pattern forecast was a three-week long range forecast … also having said that September would be above average.  We already are.
Source Of Credit Forecast:  Super El Nino Strengthening; One Month To Go For Showtime; Prelim September Forecast

September first is the start of meteorological summer.  Astronomical summer is the 21st-22nd-23rd depending what year.  In weather the season changes to the next meteorological season on the first of these astronomical months.  Why?  Because the weather patterns change around then to that season, not waiting till astronomical seasons start.

Winter is December 1st.
Spring is March 1st.
Summer is June 1st.
Fall is September 1st.

For the rest of the storm, residual off and on light showers will continue through tonight into Wednesday morning for the metro areas … some not seeing anything others seeing hit and miss island effect residual showers.  Also light showers are possible in the Pine Mountain Club, Gorman Pass, and North/West Tehachapi slopes during this period with a moist northwesterly low level flow in the area.

The heatwave will start building at the end of the week with rising heights from a ridge of high pressure building back in.  I know … get the pitch forks out but rule 6 of Martin’s rules (Gibbs rules reference) states “We don’t control the weather, hating us because your area didn’t get a storm isn’t going to change things. Yes … this actually happens.” – same applies for any other event like a heatwave you may hate me for.

Temperatures are expected to be near or at heat advisory levels for inland areas … warm along the coast as well.

After Tuesday there is an indication of a wandering upper level low.  The track of this is not known at this time … could go east of here into the Lower Deserts … could come west … your guess at this point is as good as mine and if it becomes a problem I’ll address it in future updates.

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