Powerful Alaskan Storm Alters Storm Track Down Into Southern California



A powerful Alaskan storm system has altered the weather pattern for the good for Southern California and the storm track will start to dip into the region starting the end of this week and lasting right on through the rest of the month, in what could very well be a series of cold storm systems of arctic nature.  Read on for details.

Long range has been very tough for NOAA’s traditional models, averaging a score of 40% for storm systems just five-days out.  This season has not been good at all for them and the modeling process is the reason.  That is why here at Southern California Weather Force the long range process is very good.  Our models give ‘hints’ at the overall longwave pattern.  We need to work the longwave pattern out and leave the details in the medium/long range to when the shorter range comes.

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The article released at the beginning of this month called for a weakish pattern for the beginning of December and an active weather pattern for the last half.  It also called for colder than normal temperatures and these have arrived.  Every aspect of the monthly forecast put on this site is going to remain in the forecast and the precipitation factors will fall into place.

So what are we going to be seeing the last half of December?

The first thing that comes up is the powerful Alaskan storm system.  This system has created a stronger ridge due south of it.  This ridging will push toward the Hawaiian Islands and cause storms to dive just west of California starting this weekend and going through Christmas.   This type of pattern will allow the center of the Alaskan storm to drop down and impact us.  It will also allow the pattern to remain arctic with much colder storms than what ‘traditional’ El Nino is suppose to give us.  This will last for the rest of the month so get use to these colder than average temperatures.

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