December 19, 2017 at 6:04 pm

Details: Southern California Drought Might Be Caused By Underwater Volcanic Activity In The Pacific


The persistent ridge of high pressure that causes warm water just west of Oregon and Washington, in return causing a surface high pressure center that moves to mid-level high pressure that deflects storms into Oregon and Washington and not Southern California may be caused by Volcanic Activity underwater.  Read on more for details.

During El Nino the waters of the equator warm up and this causes a high pressure center on the equator that shoves storms into Hawaii and then the Pineapple Express takes them into California.  This never fails and has always happened … But what about during the years we have that pesky ridge of high pressure in the northeast Pacific.

Well.. .Water temperatures are up in the Northeast Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Washington and no one knows why.  I do … I firmly believe, as well as my plumber friend Steve (who works with water) that the pattern favors volcanic activity that is going unnoticed.  No one is researching in real-time what is happening in those areas.  The image in this article clearly shows we have volcanoes under the sea as noted by the bump feature.

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This volcanic system in the Northeast Pacific is developing a warm dome over that area, a surface high pressure that if sustained long enough can transform into a mid-level high pressure center and deflect storms away from Southern California and into the Canada and Pacific Northwest areas.

So enough of this global warming stuff, let’s look at something else so keep reading if you’re interested …

Yes in Southern California we’ve been seeing very hot heatwaves as of late and that theory I’ve ALSO worked on is a lack of a natural gas within the Earth that is not getting out in a natural disaster event known as a Volcanic Eruption.  The planet and solar powers are to blame … not us … and it never will be us.

By looking at the drops in global average temperatures over thousands of years, one can see there is a pattern with and without humans.  So at the current time I do not believe we are creating the warming we are seeing.  If we were, why is Mars warming as well?  There is likely a solar connection to why the solar system’s inner planets are heating up on average but what can we do to stop it?

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The simple answer is we do not as a human surface race have enough chemicals to alter our planet.  We just cannot affect the upper ozone layer part of the atmosphere with anything because of inversion layers and such that traps them at the lower levels.

Now we got that out of the way .. how do we fix it?  We can’t … The only way this will fix is a major Volcanic Eruption.   My research has indicated that the last major volcanic eruptions along the jet stream and bordering the jet stream locations is the key to this.  So2 is Sulfur Dioxide and what this gas does is reflect sunlight back into space.  When these volcanic eruptions happened on a major scale they released a lot of So2 into the atmosphere and because of the power of the updrafts they are able to affect the upper atmosphere directly where we cannot.

The chart within this article shows red vertical lines and these are the last major So2 emission eruptions showing that after they happened .. .for a brief time we had the global temperatures knocked down.

We have NOT HAD A MAJOR VOLCANIC ERUPTION for many years and this is the reason of the very sharp increase in global temperatures we are seeing.   We need another major volcanic eruption at or near jet stream ground level and we can knock that global temperature back down pretty fast.  The Iceland Volcano was only VEI-3 … not even close to the power we need.  VEI is an energy index for volcanoes that measures how much material is ejected into the atmosphere.  We need one like Mt. Pinatubo, which was a VEI 6, and gave us in Southern California a few years of excellent jet stream dynamics.

Many of you have asked my stance on ‘global warming’ or climate change … And that is my answer.  We have seen sharp declines and rises in the past with or without the industrial age and the culprit is the Sun doing something we don’t quite know yet that is making the inner solar system planets warmer … and the lack of volcanic eruptions to balance it out.  The Sun at this point is winning the battle of balance.

Everything in life has a balance.  The Sun is the reason for our warming … So2 is the ‘cure’ to put a band-aid on it until it rises again.  We are not getting the So2 needed … and that is a problem right now.  For now we can only hope that a major Volcanic Eruption happens soon or the coming years will get warmer and warmer than we are already experiencing worldwide …

This combination of the volcanic …

The planet and solar powers are to blame … not us …

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