Video Verification: Major Pacific Storm NIKITA Delivers Tornado To Los Angeles Basin


It’s more than halfway down to the ground and likely has circulation on the ground, with reports of minor roof and tree damage, a tornado did indeed form in the Los Angeles area this afternoon.  The Southern California Weather Force Tornado Watch has officially verified, after having issue the watch last night through today.

Major Pacific Storm Nikita’s second impulse moved through this afternoon and just because this tornado was filmed does not mean it was the only one as there were numerous cells with this impulse that showed rotation anywhere from Ventura to Orange County with Los Angeles in the middle.

On Monday night I issued the Tornado Watch (Click here) that would last into Tuesday.  The first one delivered some active cells to the Ventura Coastal areas, but the secondary round delivered the verified tornado near Baldwin Park and the city of Hope.  Tornadoes are not all that uncommon in the Los Angeles area.  When you get southerly wind at the surface and wind aloft from the west, you’ll get spin in the atmosphere.  Throw terrain in the mix along with instability and you have the lift for tornadoes to form.  They happen yearly here so it isn’t some day after tomorrow or end of the world thing.

A tornado was filmed in Long Beach along with damage as well with a separate supercell … Several other cells had the same behavior so all and all several tornadoes hit the Southland today.

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Nikita will continue to move eastward and affect the San Bernardino and Riverside Mountains with a snow level of 6,000 FT and heavy snowfall through the evening, clearing overnight … Despite the cold-front, lows tonight will not go freezing into the high desert or valley regions …

As we move toward the end of the week we will dry up again with a boost in temperatures under another ridge of high pressure.  After January 18th, trough values are showing up again as we lose the ridge and this would be the next window to monitor for new storm systems.

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