Pacific Storm Peter Announced: Category Three System To Bring Low Elevation Snow To Inner Valleys


Pacific Storm Peter has been named and he’ll start off as a category three.  Unlike Osiris, Peter will position himself to bring the coldest air of the season thus far and low elevation snow levels, along with the risk of thunderstorms.

As stated awhile back, the track of Pacific Storm Osiris was such that the system would alter the storm pattern to bring better storm systems further west and Pacific Storm Peter is the first in this series that would go into March as well.  The system is expected down into our region later on Monday and move directly overhead on Tuesday.

Grids here at Southern California Weather Force indicate that the snow-level will go as far as 2,300 FT and thus flakes through 1,300 FT can be expected in some Inland Valley areas, including the upper Inland Empire areas like Perris/Hemet/Banning/Yucaipa/Fontana/ and even upper Rancho.  Furthermore the travel along Highway 14 between the Santa Clarita Valley to Lancaster may also have snowfall, including the Agua Dulce regions.  The system’s surface low dropping south of the Los Angeles and Orange County areas would allow for some northerly flow to set and with that would come the risk of high desert snowfall, stretching a large area from Lancaster to Ridgecrest, east to Lucerne Valley and the Morongo Basin.

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There will also be the chance of thunderstorms with this system and thus is the reason it pushed the category up.  Wind gusts are not expected to be strong as this system will go directly overhead with all associated mid/upper jet stream winds going around us, but there could be some advisory to below advisory gusts in the deserts.  Nothing like today however where westerly flow is setting up for gusty mountain/desert winds with offshore mild Santa Anas for tomorrow (Sunday morning)

The system has the potential to bring the coldest air and lowest snow levels of the season.  Tracking of the system will continue through the weekend, however all of my models are 100% confident in the system’s current track and all listed in this write-up.


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