October 30, 2019 at 3:31 pm

Planned California Power Shutdown Algorithm Discovered; Attempt Will Be Made To Lessen Your Impact With The SCWF Algorithm


The power companies are turning to NOAA to shut off your power.  NOAA is the direct result blame for it and honestly they do not need to shut your power down as often and as long as you think and I will do everything I can do contact all power companies across the state to move them from NOAA to Southern California Weather Force‘s algorithm based off the likelihood power-lines can come down to start a fire vs not so read on for details and see the models below.

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Over the next few days I will be reaching out to power companies.  If you have contacts with either company, send them to this page and to contact me immediately.  Their algorithm start cannot bring power-lines down.  It just won’t happen that way.  They will spend more time shutting off your power with even weak to moderate Santa Ana Wind Events when the power-lines will be able to withhold those events.  My algorithm is designed to make sure the power-lines are at REAL danger of falling over.  The above map within this article shows the algorithm of SCWF vs the Power Companies using NOAA.  If the power-lines were all above ground everywhere you can see how wide of an area would need to be shut-down based off their algorithm.  The red-zones is what is more realistic in these power-lines coming down.

Note the right image?  That’s Halloween.  Some of you will still have power off in the yellow-shaded zones, or their algorithm zones.  If they listened to me, you would have you power on as early as 9pm tonight in all areas.  There is absolutely no need to have it shut-off for mild wind gusts, which is what, compared to today, will happen from 9pm tonight through afternoon on Halloween, before the winds completely cease on Halloween night.

Looking ahead I do not see anymore major wind events of Santa Ana Wind concern.  November will be the slow start of the westerlies moving in from the Pacific and therefore the chance of some Pacific fronts moving in.  I do not see much until the December through March time-frame as previously stated in my 2019-2020 storm season.  If you think the winds in the Cajon Pass and Santa Clarita Valley were gusty today then you haven’t seen anything yet.  Once winter hits, extremely powerful arctic air masses will generate even more powerful winds than today in those zones in-between storm systems.  The November 2019 forecast will be out in a day or two.

10-30-2019 Power Shutdown Algorithm

10-31-2019 Power Shutdown Algorithm

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