Comet NEOWISE Viewing Through July 23rd

I am heading north of Kramer Junction off Highway 395 from here in Corona in a bit. Use this map to get to at least a Bortle 4 sky to see the comet tonight. It is tough to see from the city. Bortle is basically a measurement of light pollution. Link –
At 8:30pm you will start to see the stars. At 9pm you will see the comet more and the best window is around 9pm till 10pm. Look for it under the Big Dipper tonight. In the NW skies you cannot miss the Big Dipper configuration. Use the map I drew on as a guide to where the comet will be tonight and on the 23rd along the path.
Tonight the comet should be between the closest approach to the Sun and the Planet Earth so it will be the BEST time to see the tail length and brightness. It is about as bright as the stars in the Big Dipper, maybe a bit less than that so keep in mind to get to darker skies.
The weather tonight will be FANTASTIC with 5% humidity at 30,000 Feet so even the upper levels will be dry. That’s the reason that even in the city the sky is very blue today.
Good luck!

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