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NEW FLAT RATE TIER PROGRAM – GET CUSTOM EMAIL WEATHER ALERTS IN YOUR AREA AND ENTER THE MEMBER SECTION ON THE SITE:  Summer 2021 rates – If you get in after June 1st it is only $20, if after July 1st only $13. If after August 1st only $6 to finish off the Summer Quarterly Tier.  Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring will have their own tiers starting at $20.  Tier start dates to renew at the base price will be September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, and June 1st and each month during the quarter shaves off $7 until the next tier reset.

Both Southern California Weather Force and Arizona Weather Force have a cheap seasonal quarterly discount to supercharge this service you already get on social media for free.  If you do not want to miss any articles this season because social media does not show you for hours or even days (common) and want to get custom email alerts such as thunderstorm, severe thunderstorm, flood, heat, or tornado alerts along with a controllable member section model for each during the events in YOUR area, sign-up for the premium member package.

This is a ‘supercharged’ service you will enjoy.  You will gain access to the member section to members when major events are inbound. You will have a checkmark section to the micro-climate zones and be able to receive the alerts in your area, custom email alerts in a system you control.  Alerts for the monsoon, heatwaves, snow, rain, thunder, tornado, wind, hail, or fire risk events. The member section also has the models for wind, rain, etc when an event is in where you type your address in and it zooms right to your area where you know what to expect.  All that alone is worth more than $50/month for businesses who rely on the weather and if enough sign-up – Ever seen severe thunderstorm warnings in your area without a watch?  That is quite common, but SCWF has proven to know where and when to issue those watches, especially in the metro and even rural weather service blackout areas.
SCWF is NOT trusting social media to stay afloat. This is up to you if you want this information, which I will add is the top of the line, signing up to be a premium member is the best and now the only way to receive all this weather service has to offer.
The main page Southern California Weather Force will remain active as long as FB allows it. But as I said, the micro-climate alerts have officially moved to my website so that I control it 100% and not rely on social media to get those out to you.
So – If you want to move to the website, get emailed alerts,  go in the member section,  and stay in touch with forecasts here, taking the dive into this service is the way to go –
SCWF is a business, and I will not allow COVID to stop me from reaching the goal to build it higher. The only thing that will stop it is people not signing up or helping. If a GoFundMe account for a sick dog can get $100,000 in a week then SCWF should be able to get members to stay alive.

Thank you, and if interested in the premium service then enter the info below and the process will begin.