SCWF Members Section

Member Section – Welcome to your member section, please choose any of the following below.  All these products and forecast rooms will keep you ahead of the storm or event forecast on. Get both the email and app system below to maximize your alert experience.

Whats New on 6-25-2017

Weakening Heatwave This Week; Products Being Updated Today

Long Range Forecast
Upd: 6-20-17 – 7:45pm

Fog Forecast Center
Upd: 6-20-17 – 4:00pm

Upd: 6-18-17 – 8:50pm

Monsoon Forecast Center –
Upd: 6-18-17 – 8:40pm

Temperature Normals
Upd: 6-18-17 – 6:00pm

Heat Alert
Upd: 6-17-17 – 7:15pm

Season Rainfall

Santa Ana Winds

Cold Alert –



Snow Levels

Snow Model –