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Whoops, This is Members Only!  Because of Facebook’s news-feed change the site is losing 95% of traffic and thus a member section has been created.  As a free viewer you can view the articles on the website but for alerts and weather models in the member section,  you have to be a premium member.  It’s easy to get your account up on SCWF and you’ll always be in the know as now 10% of info is given on the main articles with 90% in your micro-climate areas.
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MEMBERS:  If you CANNOT LOGIN … Do not PM me via Facebook.  I am working on other screens and may not see it.  Personal messages need to be sent via the SCWF contact form.  I also need you to do it so I have records of the conversations.  Facebook is not an entity to contact me on about login issues.  Click Here To Contact me.

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