El Nino To Get A Boost By Super Typhoon Soudelor



Another factor we look for with boosting El Nino strength would be the Typhoons in the Eastern Pacific, one such Typhoon is going to increase the El Nino dynamics so continue reading on with those details.

Super Typhoon Soudelor is going to slam Taiwan as a major system, likely a Category Four or Five Super Typhoon.  Typhoons often put wrenches in the system, similar to putting a wrench in a mechanism.  It can destroy it … but sometimes change it.  Super Typhoon Soudelor will do just that.

The system is so large and powerful that it will disrupt the trade winds even more.  Last month, Cyclone Raquel – the earliest ever recorded in the eastern Australian zone – and a series of typhoons and tropical lows boosted the El Nino by providing westward wind bursts along the Equator.

Super Typhoon Soudelor did indeed disrupt the trade wind patterns.  This year we have already had a lot of storms in the Western Pacific, each one of them contributing to the gaining El Nino.

This month however is going about as expected with a cool-down expected by the end of the week, lasting through the weekend with slight below to normal temperatures.  On Thursday, the Eastern Half of the forecast region may receive thunderstorm activity … but it is not expected to come any further west of LA

Toward the middle of the month we still expect a ridge to build in and this should boost the monsoonal flow + heat across the region … after that followed between the 20th and 27th having a Hurricane south of the region.  Our forecast remains on track for this month to feature a strong Eastern Pacific Hurricane.

Given the trend of El Nino vs 1997 … we’re right on target and not far away from what would be classified as a ‘Super El Nino’ …

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