Long Lasting Heatwave To Grip Southland Starting Sunday, Lasting into This Next Week



A heatwave lasting a week will grip Southern California, Starting Sunday, and going into this next week, possibly through the next weekend.  Read on for details.

High Heat Warnings may again be needed in our inland valley/basin areas of the forecast area as more than 10-15 degrees above the average is going to be expected.  Our grids show a more prolonged heatwave than the last weekend and this will certainly be a dangerous time to those who do not take precautions.  100-105 would be hit easily in the valley/basin areas this next week, with temperatures surpassing 105+ in some Inland Empire locations.

The image within this shows our new product that tracks how it feels to those who live in those areas.  If you have 100F degrees in the summer you are use to it in The Coachella Valley so it won’t reflect with ‘records’ and such.

Record – You are not use to it at all, and it is above the average so much that it could be a record breaker for that day.
High – You are rarely use to it, flirting with records.
Mod – Not use to it, but have felt it before
Slight – May not notice it, as it’s just above seasonal
Average – Won’t notice it since you are use to it.

Monsoonal moisture will accompany the heatwave.

Low level moisture will be lower enough to warrant this as a ‘dry heat’ like this last weekend … no humidity will accompany the system.



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