September 9, 2015 at 4:19 pm

Details and Video: Hurricane Linda Dynamics Slams Inland Southern California and OC On Wednesday



Hurricane Linda is well south of the forecast area but her moisture plume streaming northward has given Southern California numerous thunderstorms in various spots … read on for details.

The day started out with clear skies.  Here at Southern California Weather Force this means increasing instability with daytime heating when moisture is present.  Since it was, alerts starting going out as early as 7am.  Alerts went out for all mountain areas, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles Valleys, and Orange County … including some desert areas.

Linda’s moisture created a dryline across the Inland Empire and thus storms started popping up all over the place during the afternoon.  Outflow boundaries causing damaging winds streamed southwest into Orange and Los Angeles County as well … The storms brought flooding, lightning, and hail.

Activity is expected to diminish overnight.

Tomorrow, activity resumes, however a lot weaker than today in all areas because we do have thicker clouds moving in for less instability for explosive storm activity …  Alerts in the morning will take care of that.

Linda is weakening fast and her surface low will move west, while her mid/upper level low moves north into California toward the end of the week into the weekend.  Depending on the upper dynamic track … depends who gets what … but we aren’t done until she is done passing over the forecast area.

We cool-down a lot into this next week so those of you waiting for it will get it …

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