September 14, 2015 at 6:10 pm

Tonight Through Tuesday: Front Slides East Into Most Of Southern California



The following forecast will cover tonight into Tuesday with the frontal zone moving eastward across Metro Southern California and will contain images of what our computer models are predicting at the current time, which isn’t exact … but gives an idea on what we are expecting.

As expected, parts of the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Kern, and San Luis Obispo forecast area saw rain today, some of it still happening in those regions.  The rain is on the increase tonight with the batch hitting the Metro Ventura and Los Angeles areas overnight, with another round into Orange County and the Inland Empire.  Judging by the current satellite/radar loops, it looks to fit the predictive radar as activity is streaming toward those areas.  Furthermore, some of the northern extent of the front is likely into the High Desert overnight into Tuesday .

A front will be seen across the Inland Empire to San Diego County areas through the morning hours on Tuesday, again the same with LA/OC/VT some areas will have heavy rainfall and localized flooding with it.  The front will shift eastward over the RIV/SD/SBD Mountains and finally move across the lower desert areas on Tuesday.  Believe it or not … some areas may see some rainfall in those areas from it.

Wind Advisories remain at SCWF through Wednesday for the deserts …
Source:  Wind Advisory

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