September 16, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Heatwave and Then A Possible Big Storm Pattern Heading For Southern California




A hybrid storm has passed us and now we look to the next event.  First we’ll have to endure another heatwave to get there, with advisory level heat being an issue … a small one though because it would only last 2 or three days and then we have yet another shot of rain activity. The degree of uncertainty is there with all of our models.

The first model shows tropical influence from what would be Tropical Storm or Hurricane Marty moving up into the forecast area this next week, bringing deep tropical moisture through the area for widespread shower or thunderstorm activity.

Our second model shows the same with the system coming right up from the south.  And finally the third model shows it merging with a wandering low and moving into the forecast region.  Our ensemble or blend between all of them is showing a the wandering low sucking up tropical moisture from the south, before delivering it into Southern California this next week.

Confidence is high that somewhere in the forecast area will get flooding so we will continue to watch this carefully.
Whether or not this will be classified as tropical storm or Hurricane Marty is still yet to be seen but if the storm west of it is the cause of the activity, the first name on the storm list, Andreas will be used.


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