Weather Forecast: Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse This Evening



A total lunar eclipse will happen this evening and be visible across parts of Southern California and there will be deeper clouds to deal with.  Do you need to travel somewhere else to view it?  Who will not be in a good area to view it? The action peaks at 7:48pm this evening, September 27, 2015 so read on for the complete weather forecast.

A total lunar eclipse is when the Earth is between the Moon and The Sun.   Being this is a Super Moon eclipse means it will appear very large in the sky compared to other lunar eclipses we have seen.  Not seen since 1982, a rare Super Moon total eclipse will turn dark red.  Most call it the Blood Moon and I hope after this passes that term will stop.  Scientific definition of all eclipses is Total Lunar Eclipse.  There will be no religious ties to it after this eclipse and all media should stop using Blood Moon for the next one after that.

The moon will appear dark red at 7:48pm, or maximum eclipse.  Because of how close it will be, the eclipse will take on a deeper red color than normal.  Recent volcanic activity may bring some blue hues to The Moon as well.

The weather in Southern California will be half and half in terms of sections of the sky that will have clouds.  The latest satellite image loops clearly shows the high clouds deepening offshore.  It is a beautiful morning in many areas, however by evening I am expecting even the mountain, valley, and desert regions to have thicker high clouds move in.  This would mean that during the peak of the eclipse we will not have crystal clear skies and if the clouds are thick enough for some … it will be missed altogether.

Having said that, the low clouds (marine layer) will be along most coastal areas.  So if you are at or near the beach … you may not see the eclipse and it is best to drive inland a bit to get a better chance.

Good luck on the eclipse.  Our app will ding you at 7:48pm when The Moon is at peak eclipse.



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