October 2, 2015 at 4:08 pm

Yes: Rain Is Coming To Southern California Starting Sunday; Additional Details On Where



A storm system dropping down out of the Pacific Northwest will move into Southern California starting Sunday, with an increase in desert winds and coast/metro showers.  Depending on which way the system goes will be what dynamics we have to work with so read the entire article and watch the video for details.

An inside slider storm is what we call this … mostly drier with a shallow moisture level … leaving ‘most’ of the deserts dry and windy and the most rain falling south and west of the mountains.  This type of system would also leave areas drier even though they are not the desert … namely the San Luis Obispo and Vandenberg Air Force Base forecast zones.  The most rain from the system on Sunday would fall in the Inland Empire and possibly the San Diego and Orange County areas where lift would be maximized by the surrounding mountains.

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The system has various outcomes of what could happen to it.  The further west outcome would bring thunderstorms into the LA/OC/IE/SD/VT/SBA areas … while further east would be no rain at all.  However, Model 2C statistically has been correct this early season thus far and this shows a classic strong onshore flow pattern for rainfall in the areas spoken about in the second paragraph along with gusty advisory level winds in the desert.

Now, with something like this … At times there are areas centering the LA and San Bernardino Mountains that has lift pushed up against them, including the Cajon Pass … and isolated thunderstorms have formed in inside sliders like this.  This will be monitored

Snow levels will be 8,000 feet … still above all resorts … but some higher Eastern San Bernardino Mountain roads above 8,000 Feet would see some snow if moisture levels are thick enough.

In addition to this, temperatures may struggle to get out of the 60s in the metro zones for a high during this event … which would be more seasonal in temperatures.

Those of you heading to the rest of the Miramar Airshow would be greeted with a strong onshore flow .. and thus a marine layer present tomorrow and on Sunday.

If heading to Las Vegas on Sunday and Monday … the upper level low’s placement would put Vegas in strong divergence and thus this will produce widespread thunderstorms on the strip and surrounding city locations.

But … this won’t last … Count your cards wisely because near October 10th … projections here at SCWF show temperatures bumping into the 90-95+ mark in the metro zones … so we are not done with the heat just yet.

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