Pacific Storm Andreas Moves Through Southland, Departs Later Monday



Pacific Storm Andreas is a category two storm at the center of the dynamics.  Thunderstorms have erupted in the northern forecast zones and there is still more rain to come for others, with a continued chance of showers and thunderstorms.  Find out where and watch the video with this article.

An explosion of thunderstorms hit the Kern Mountain/Desert regions this morning and this continues in the Northern High Desert zones this evening as the storm system slowly moves eastward into just above the Mt. Wilson areas overnight tonight.  This will bring an area near and South of Ventura County into the Los Angeles/Orange County regions this evening and overnight.  This will reinforce the rain in the area and if you had none so far you’ll receive it with this batch, especially in the Basin surrounding Compton/Long Beach.  Urban stream flooding is possible in the LA Basin and continuing through the Northern Orange County zones tonight.

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Colder cloud tops are telling me that thunderstorm potential is there for areas near the Los Angeles and San Bernardino Mountains … on the southern slopes and adjacent valley areas.  This would be the best area for thunderstorms in the metro zones through Monday because of the lifting from those terrain induce locations.

A dragging front will move through San Diego through Monday morning and produce scattered showers in that region as well.  However as expected this entire storm … San Diego would not see lightning with it and remains a category one in intensity for expectations.   Additional upswing in activity on Monday is possible for some High Desert, Inland Empire forecast areas and the Morongo Basin to the Coachella Valley.   The cold core vs warmer low levels for the sun angle suggests thunderstorm potential in the Morongo Basin/Coachella Valley forecast zones on Monday, give or take 10-15 miles radius …

Snow level remains above 8,000 feet .. a dusting is possible above those levels …

Storm kicks out later Monday evening and night …

The heat is building with offshore flow by Friday into the Weekend … might need heat advisory/warning products out there if this continues … along with a fire risk hazard … Stay tuned.

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