October 7, 2015 at 12:42 pm

Heat Advisory


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Issued Zones:  The Inland Empire … Eastern Ventura County … Los Angeles Valley/Basin … Long Beach … Orange North Coast to Inland County … San Diego Valley …

Site:  SouthernCaliforniaWeatherForce.com has issued a Heat Advisory effective Friday through the weekend …

Date:  10/7/15 at 1:40pm PT

Forecast: The heat is on starting Thursday but the advisory levels will be felt on Friday into the weekend across the metro zones of Southern California as a weak offshore flow each morning brings up those temperatures along with a ridge forming in the area.

Temperatures are expected to range between 98F and 105F …

Don’t worry … it’ll be short-lived with a precipitation pattern in the cards after the 12-13th.

10 mile rule:  These alerts issued on this site means that within your zone and 10 miles from you will see the event forecast for.  You may or may not see the event but it means you are in the zone or 10 miles from where someone will.

Forecaster: KM

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