Pacific Storm Andreas Completes Retrograde, Impacts This Week



A Pacific Storm that hit last week has completed a retrograde and is due to impact the region again this week and the clouds today are just a hint at the system to come so continue reading on and watch the video.

Pacific Storm Andreas was a category two storm out of the one through six scale here at the Southern California Weather Force.  The current category is to be determined because the storm system will have thunderstorms with it and there are hints that some areas could see severity in them … bringing this into a higher than a two.  This is still be ironed out.

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Andreas is due into the Martin Storm Diamond Wednesday into Thursday.  The system’s placement in the storm diamond will put most of the Southern California region under strong upper level divergence.  Strong upper level divergence in storms like these have in the past brought widespread thunderstorm activity.   It will depend on where the center hangs out though in the end.

If Andreas go too far northwest on the diamond, thunderstorm activity would focus on Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, and San Luis Obispo County, leaving the other counties out of the action.  If he goes further north and out of the diamond, this would only be for San Luis Obispo.   However, as stated last week … I firmly believe this will be in the diamond and thus most of the region will see widespread shower and thunderstorm activity.

This will have no snowfall with it …

A more detailed article will be available in the next 24-48 hours … but the target at the moment is Wednesday for the start of the return of Pacific Storm Andreas …

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