October 16, 2015 at 11:04 am

Possible Tornado Hits Coachella Valley, Rest of Today, and Another Storm System For The Region Soon ?



The Coachella Valley had a tornado on the morning of October 15, 2015 and it was caught on camera.  If this is confirmed, this would be the first tornado forecast nailed by Southern California Weather Force this season since the original Severe Thunderstorm Watch called for isolated tornadoes that night!  And is another storm system coming? Read on for more details ..

Not much upper divergence today so we’re looking at development in the convergence zones in the Inland Empire … and development in the mountain zones in this watch … pushing northward off them … A typical ‘monsoonal’ type pattern today.Given this, thunderstorms are likely in most of the areas within the watch.  Remember as stated below the watch is for within you or 10 miles from you in-case someone is close due to lightning.Hot spots will be the Eastern Inland Empire and Mountain zones … with push offs into the desert areas and Southern Kern Valleys.

Storms may or may not make it to the Western Inland Empire or Central/Northern Kern Valleys and if they do it’ll be isolated.

Instability parameters today tell me these storms will be more severe in the Barstow area if they form up there from outflow … but the most severity will lie in the Eastern Inland Empire along the Elsinore Convergence Zone near Perris/Hemet and all those nominal spots.

Given these parameters, isolated severe thunderstorm cells will be possible today in most areas of the watch … Stronger instability within the colder core in the area would promote larger hail in the strongest cells.Flooding is also likely … and landspout tornadoes may also form …

As for the tornado in the Coachella Valley … The picture in this article says it all … taken by Chris Tarpening.  This shows a possible tornado and lowering in the clouds above it (Wall cloud) in the Eastern Coachella Valley around Mecca the night of Wednesday into the morning of Thursday … the night of the big lightning show.

Here at Southern California Weather Force, a severe thunderstorm watch was placed and the wording said isolated tornado possible.  Given this, it would be the first tornado forecast of the season called in advance.
Source:  https://www.southerncaliforniaweatherforce.com/2015/10/14/severe-thunderstorm-watch-9/

Now, when is the next storm?  Andreas is moving slow through and will continue affecting us in one way or another for a day more … but another system dropping down by Sunday into Monday looks interesting.  This is dropping out of due north-northwest and various outcomes can come with it.  It can come in so dynamic that thunderstorms will be reintroduced into the forecast area again.  The system, if it comes in correctly … will obtain the name ‘Bonnie’ as the second Pacific Storm on the list here at Southern California Weather Force.com –  Stay tuned … More details are expected on Saturday …

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