Strange Glowing Cloud In The Sky: Military Operation On San Nicolas Island or Offshore Nuclear Submarine



A strange glowing cloud in the sky appeared on Saturday evening, seen as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona.  This glowing cloud is not from Edwards Air Force Base or Vandenberg, and because of the angle of the photos, it is concluded to be an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile launched either launched from the Navy installation on San Nicolas Island west of Catalina or an offshore Nuclear submarine.

Photos from Nate Parnham confirm this is going from east-southeast to west-northwest.  Had it been a Vandenberg Air Force Launch, the plume would be pointing from Right to Left. Here are the photos below … not much else can be given except what I believe this was because I\’ve seen it before from Vandenberg Air Force Base …

LAX is also changing flight patterns today for a week and likely this is because a missile launch was happening in the bight of Southern California. The rocket exhaust was illuminates by the Sun.

Since it is dark down here and after sunset, there is still sunlight 60-100 miles up and thus illuminate the exhaust plume of the rocket. 110715b

110715c Above is a SIMILAR launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base many years ago.  They are the same … a missile/rocket.

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