November 13, 2015 at 11:16 am

Metro: Strongest Wind Storm In Years To Hit Metro Los Angeles With Inside Slider Storm For The Rest



A major windstorm is aiming the Los Angeles Valley zones early this next week as an inside slider brings areas of wind, rain, and some mountain snow.   Find out the details by reading on …

The next focus is going to be an inside slider storm, something similar to what we’ve been seeing for a month now where storms slide north of the region and into areas northeast/east of Southern California.  These bring a sharp front through and generally have stronger winds, snow levels below 5,000 feet, and some areas of precipitation, most of it being in the Kern County areas, including the Gorman Pass.

What we have now in details is that a front will sweep into Kern County on Sunday into Sunday night.  This would bring higher precipitation amounts to this county, and snowfall to the Kern Mountains, Gorman Pass and Pine Mountain Club forecast regions, along with gusty winds out of the northwest behind the front.

For the rest of the forecast area, this type of front typically leaves most of the area dry, the exception being the western slopes of the San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego County Mountains, very similar to the last front that moved through the area.

The main story will be the wind … The wind with this is going to be very bad for the metro areas of Los Angeles, especially in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley/Hollywood forecast regions.  Gusts well over the 50 mph point will be possible with some areas exceeding the 70 mph mark in the favored areas.  These are similar to the damaging northwest winds that sometimes hit these very spots under inside slider events such as this.  Because this is being powered by a strong 120 mph upper jet and 50+ mph low level jet … the sinking air factor into this may bring some of the strongest winds in many years to the metro areas.

Winds will also hit the mountain/desert regions, especially the High and Low Desert zones through Monday.

More will be available on this, but since this is generally a dry front … don’t expect much rain/precip unless you reside in Kern County, with the second runner up in precip being Southern OC to the IE and into San Diego County as well … Virtually none in the metro LA/VT areas.


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