Pacific Front Sweeps Across Southern California; Grapevine Closure Likely



A Pacific front is moving through the western forecast area of SLO/SBA County at this hour and it moving eastward throughout the day today to the rest of the forecast area, bringing a round of rain, strong winds, and mountain snow to some areas.  Followed by a Santa Ana Wind Pattern on Tuesday morning …  How much of everything?  Read on …

First and foremost this front will make it through all the metro areas.  Based on radar loops it looks rather healthy so everyone should report rain south/west of the mountain areas.  I cannot rule out a stray thunderstorms against the San Bernardino Mountains later on due to the southwest flow in the low levels providing the needed lift there, with anywhere from 2-4″ of snow in the community locations surrounding Big Bear, fading dynamics overnight …

The front will carry 20 to 30 mph wind gusts along it so all zones today will start to get windy as it moves through.

The SCWF Winter Storm Warning is in effect through Monday noon for heavy snowfall amounts across the Kern Mountain, including the Mt. Pinos areas of Ventura County … and the Gorman Pass (Grapevine).  Travelers need to be aware that tonight in the pass it’ll be snowy … likely causing a closure …

Later this evening, a secondary round will move across the High Desert regions, which would bring you precipitation there as well.

Cannot rule out isolated thunderstorms in the LA/OC/IE and High Desert region zones through this evening …

Damaging winds are likely starting tonight in the SBA/VT/LA Forecast areas where wind alerts are in place.  30 mph gusts are possible in the coastal zones of Orange/San Diego as well, including Downtown San Diego out of the west-northwest.

Santa Ana Wind Pattern takes hold for the nominal prone zones of the Upper LA/VT Valleys, Inland Empire, San Diego, Low Desert, and Orange County locations overnight Monday into Tuesday.

Storm front times today 11/15/2015


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