November 19, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Strong Santa Ana Wind Event To Bring Elevated Fire Hazard To Southern California



The strongest Santa Ana Wind Event this season for the nominal prone areas to them will hit Friday into Saturday, also increasing the region’s fire risk hazards and a Santa Ana Wind Warning has been issued.  Read on for more details in the various regions.

Some of you will see damaging winds, and some will see barely anything … that is how Southern California terrain works in these offshore locations.  Point being if you’re in the Los Angeles Basin these winds will never reach you if coming out of the northeast.   So you’ll have an elevated fire risk due to warm/dry conditions in the area … but no winds to speak of.

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The map included in this article will serve to help you know if you have warm/dry conditions, cool/dry, gusty winds, or damaging winds for the Friday-Saturday timeframe.

Cooler conditions of course will hit the High Desert because of the colder air advection.  Warmer temperatures will hit the metro areas south/west of the mountains because of subsidence, or sinking air, in the region and this would push temperatures well into the upper 80s as a result …

These winds will be 30-45 mph in gusts for most areas … however some zones will be over that 50+ mph mark and damaging winds are likely in some OC Foothill zones, Devore/Fontana, and some VT/LA Valley areas.

This will be the strongest Santa Ana Wind directional pattern event this season …

The winds will wan down through the afternoon/evening on Saturday …

Because of the speed of the winds, warmer low level atmosphere, and dry air in the area … these will produce a fire hazard … be on the lookout … report anything …

Sailing is NOT recommended during these days behind Catalina Island and especially from Ventura/Malibu to the Channel Islands … DO NOT ATTEMPT it …

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