Thanksgiving Week Weather Forecast: It’ll Feel A lot Like ‘Christmas’



Whether you are standing in line, pushing and shoving to get the best deals, traveling by vehicle or in a game of basketball, or having a Thanksgiving dinner where minds clash in the politics and controversy of today, your weather forecast will affect everyone in your party the same so read on for more details and check the bottom of the article out for those Thanksgiving high temperatures showing up on our grids as being cold.

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Point blank, after today it’ll start ot cool-down with each passing day, mostly after Monday though.  A storm system out of the north will take the same track each system for the season has taken and that track is the inside slider track.  Many models in past systems showed barely any precipitation with no solid front and they are doing it again … however just 1-2 days before the system entered California that amount of precipitation went up for some and the same will be said for this system.

Like other systems, the west to east flow will provide the best chance of heavier rainfall/storm totals for Kern and San Luis Obispo County, with less in the metros of Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and the Inland Empire areas and more for the Valleys of San Diego County due to the orographic lifting.

Getting ahead of myself here.  This enters the forecast area on Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Confidence level in this track maintaining this forecast is a 60-70% confidence level, meaning moderate/high so this likely will be the result.

Winds with the system will be stronger in the mountain/desert regions as with the previous systems before and this is more likely on your Tuesday with advisories going out as early as this evening.

Much cooler temperatures both overnight and daytime highs for your Thanksgiving.  At the time it looks as if the system would pass by then … giving a colder Thanksgiving region-wide with metro areas struggling to even get out of the 60s and the high desert in the 50F range.

After this, an Omega Block forms west of Washington State.  This would block the upper low from moving too far east and thus create an area of sustained low pressure at the West Coast and could swing a system in under it by the weekend.  Confidence in such is standing right now at 30-40% for Saturday … but will address it in later articles …

Thanksgiving Day High Temperatures
Thanksgiving Day High Temperatures


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