December 4, 2015 at 4:10 pm

Your Weatherman’s Lifesaving Medical Procedure For Endocarditis Fundraiser


Your Weatherman’s Lifesaving Medical Procedure For Endocarditis Fundraiser

It’s here.  What many of you have been waiting for in order to help with my life-threatening situation.  Consider it my Christmas gift from you … There are more than 15,000 people who follow my work, I’d be grateful if even 1/4 helped my life out.

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By the end of Summer 2016 I will have needed to have all my teeth ripped out and replaced to stop bacteria from killing me.  Please help me.  If even 1/4 of my viewers on here would donate to my medical fund I can make the goal or get close to it.

Endocarditis has been developing in me for years and it is going to reach a critical point where my life will be hanging on the line if I do not stop it.  So given this option I have no choice but to reach out to my viewers in hopes that you’ll be a part of me living a longer life … Without my health the forecasts will get worse to non-existent after Fall 2016.

In May 2016 I am planning a trip overseas if I make the $25,000 mark.  This will take care of the procedure I need to stop the Endocarditis.  If I can get to the $50,000 goal in full I’ll be able to stay here in the states and get the procedure done.

Given my options to live I pick to live … but I’ll need your help.  Thank you for all the help you can give me.  This is open till May 15th so I can gather the needed funds to make this happen.

Q:  You can treat it was antibiotics.
A:  I am part of the 1% that it will not help.

Q:  What happens if you don’t get your teeth replaced?
A:  Turns into heart surgery in a couple years

NOTE:  If this does not work, you can send me it via Paypal email address.
Go into your paypal account, click send me to friends/family (no fees) – and  send to

Your donation will count on here as well.



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