Cold Front To Move Into Southern California Through Friday; Secondary One End Of Weekend into Monday



A cold front will move through the region on Friday, but up-slope activity will start as early as today. A stronger one hits on Sunday … followed by cold temperatures – Read who gets what in detail …

A powerful storm system battering the Pacific Northwest will weaken as  it moves through Southern California.  Big surprise huh?  These fronts have been typical for this season thus far with a swift west-northwest low level flow, bringing more precipitation to the San Luis Obispo, Kern, and Western Santa Barbara areas, skipping most of Ventura’s metros, some of LA as well … and re-emerging into the OC eastward into the Inland Empire and down into San Diego County.  This has been the normal and this system will do just that.

The system is slated to move through San Luis Obispo and Kern County through today, with the bulk of the activity happening on Monday.  Up-slope activity for the LA/OC/IE/SD forecast regions will begin shower activity as early as this evening.  This activity will fade somewhat on Friday morning ahead of the main cold front.  Our thunderstorm model is showing thunderstorm activity for most of San Luis Obispo County, into some of Northern Santa Barbara County, east into Western Kern County, including the Pine Mountain Club forecast region for early Friday morning.  This increase in thunderstorm dynamics for Pine Mountain Club could mean that heavy snowfall will hit that area and our snowfall model has a pretty good amount showing up, with the 3″-6″ scale being breached.  Winter Weather Advisories will be needed for this region.

The front may or may not skip Ventura metros.  At this time it’s very touchy on how far south the main area of vorticy will swing, but if it continues on the current path then activity will swing across Southern VT county and gain strength as it passes Orange County into the Inland Empire/San Diego forecast regions on Friday.  Our thunderstorm model does show some thunderstorm dynamics with the cold front in these regions, especially the SD/IE areas.  Up-slope activity could pop isolated thunder in the Western Los Angeles Mountains, as well as the Big Bear forecast region where thundersnow would be the result.

The heaviest snowfall on Friday will be in the Riverside County Mountain Range and a good 1-3″ is possible there and in Big Bear.  The most snow will fall between Pine Cove and Mountain Center in these regions, with higher amounts up on the higher peaks.

Another front comes in on Sunday into Sunday night, which looks stronger than this one … so it looks like all of the metros have a shot at rainfall with this one.  Stay tuned …

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Snowfall Model Through Friday Evening


Monday night low projection – brrrrrrrrrrrr
Monday Night

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