El Nino Values Plummet: Series Of Storms Looking More Possible First Week Of January



The new year will ring in with dry weather, however several days after that the forecast area will experience a series of storm systems moving in.  El Nino values have dropped from 2.9c to 2.7c in a week and next week it may reach the 2.4c to 2.5c threshold in my theory to start off the El Nino driven storms we have all been waiting for.  Read on for details …

Our probability model that was used last time to predict the NW to SE flow and locations that would see rainfall is pegging 70% all the way in Blythe, California, the Colorado River Valley … while the metros and most high desert locations are between 80%-100.This is signaling a major pattern change with storm after storm being possible after January 3rd.

Confidence is higher that normal with this because the probability model was correct in a 10 day lead-time on a pattern.If this pattern remains, we will have high accumulations of mountain snow, major flooding in the metros, and even severe weather … containing damaging winds and tornado potential with this next line of storms. Dangerous surf conditions will also be likely, with coastal damage.

Stay tuned to Southern California Weather Force for updates.


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