Major Pacific Storm Eugene Announced: Category Five Starting Wednesday; Strongest Storm In 10 Years


If you think you got it good with Major Pacific Storm Diane (Category Four), Major Pacific Storm Eugene is even stronger, a Category Five on our scale and only ONE POINT away from a full Category Six.  The category five will have 3-4x more tornado/thunderstorm potential with it Wednesday into Thursday morning in what could very well be the most dangerous storm system in over ten years, bringing two major waves of storm activity through.  Vernon, Los Angeles County has reported damage and it likely was a tornado given the doppler showed a defined rotation area.  Other areas along the coast of Southern California had similar signatures.  Six undocumented tornadoes may have gone through the coast, briefly.  Major Pacific Storm Eugene is coming close to that of the March 1983 convective dynamics where an F2 ripped the LA Convention Center roof off.

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As for the storm system.  Major Pacific Storm Eugene will impact the region tomorrow (Wednesday), packing on more of a punch than Diane did.  He’ll come in two waves, each being convective and able to produce thunderstorms and tornado risks.  Today, we had reports of trees uprooted in various spots, especially near the coast and 10 miles inland.  These could have been weak spin-up type tornadoes and radar did confirm rotation behind the front with some of the cells.

The atmosphere will respond tomorrow and tomorrow night with thunderstorms capable of producing tornadoes south and west of the mountains.  Furthermore, the strong southerly flow will once again produce blizzard conditions in the mountain zones above 5,500 FT.  The LA/SBD/RIV Mountains will have two separate blizzard condition criteria and via our model this happens mid-day and then again later Wednesday night with the next.  If you are a member, please click here and go to your member section to click the snow level link to view the details.

Tomorrow into Tomorrow Night is where the hype has been coming from.  A full severe thunderstorm or tornado watch may be needed for Major Pacific Storm Eugene.

Stay tuned for further updates and make use of that free storm pass we’re offering.  It happens once a month for one storm …

We’ll update you in the morning with all kinds of goodies, but for now … prepare for the strongest storm in 5 to 10 years.

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