Storms Return To Southern California Sunday into Monday; Possibly Severe



A storm train is coming into the area starting this weekend and going through Monday evening, with additional storm systems toward the next weekend … The developing system could be Major Pacific Storm Goliath … but could also be renamed to Gary.  Read on for details.

The first named system however will be named over the weekend.  The system for the Sunday-Monday time-frame has the potential for damaging winds along the front, with areas near the coast and a bit inland seeing gusts well over 50+ mph … which with the lack of rainfall in February would cause trees to topple over … and destroy property, including cars parked in the streets.  Furthermore the Sunday-Monday time-frame does warrant the risk of thunderstorms with the front … and with those winds it would be a severe thunderstorm watch/warning producer through the forecast area.  It has the potential at the moment to be a category four or five system.

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Damaging mountain/desert winds will accompany that system .. .A snow-level between 5,000 and 6,000 FT. also would accompany the main part of the front … tail-end being below 5,000 FT … expecting blizzard/blowing snow conditions with the storm at and above that during that period.

We have somewhat of a break during mid-week and set another storm line up by March 10th-12th for impacts between the 10th-14th respectively.  Confidence is low in the amount of time-frame these storms will cover, but keep tuned to the updates for more.

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