Winds To Give Way To Moisture Surge Pattern In Southern California



Santa Ana Wind Prone Zones will get strong winds on Wednesday, followed by a moisture and upper dynamic surge Thursday into the weekend which will reinforce precipitation and storm potential across the forecast area.  Read on for details and watch the video.

Latest water vapor satellite images show a dry atmosphere at the moment, but looking to the south we are seeing moisture streaming northward as a cutoff low comes into the mix.  A cutoff low is an upper level low that is off the main jet stream, meandering out there.  Normally, storm systems are hooked onto the jet stream, or freeway, and timing and track is predictable … just like your GPS on a car.  But, when they are off that freeway they wander in different directions and the track and timing can be rather difficult … like surface streets with stop signs and stoplights.

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This is due into the region on Thursday with a north to south surge of moisture, which would be similar to the monsoon season, but in April.  Monsoon season does not start until the middle of June.  This surge will continue for the next couple of days … then the parent cutoff low will move into the region, dragging a frontal zone across the area sometime around Saturday.

For now, we’ll continue with Santa Ana Winds on Wednesday for prone zones with stronger gusts below passes and canyons and alerts and details of those will be issued before the day is over.

Additional weather events are likely through this next week as well, well after the weekend ends so April could seem gloomy and rainy for a bit …

Expect higher snow levels with the first round of events, then lower below the 5000-6000 FT level after April 12th.

So there you have it, Santa Ana Winds on Wednesday followed by a strong of precipitation events with a moisture surge out of the south, Stay tuned to Southern California Weather


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