October 24, 2016 at 5:22 pm

Unprecedented Thunderstorms Slam Parts Of Southern California; Another Storm Coming; Possible Name



Unprecedented Thunderstorms Slam Parts Of Southern California; Another Storm Coming.  When will this round last and when is another round coming … Read on for details.

This round will end overnight tonight and Tuesday will be a different story.  Questions came in wondering where I have been through this event.  1.  You had your special weather statement issued by me over the weekend lasting till Monday night … so this was forecast extremely well on my end.  Another major reason is my cat Callie died from something unknown and I was out of commission today.  It wasn’t a fun sight to see and I am very sad about it.

But moving on … This type of pattern is very rare, only something an El Nino usually can do.  This is what I meant all along that this rainy season would have more rainfall than the last one.  It looks like this will be the case.  The hardest hit areas were the Orange and Inland Empire zones.

Toward Thursday we will have a strong storm off the coast, moving northward along it.  Because of the northward movement it’ll swing a front into the area … however unlike today where Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Kern County were dry … This storm system will slam you guys there and favor you more than areas south and east of Los Angeles.  We had our turn so it is now your turn toward Thursday/Friday.

Because of this, a Flood Watch will be issued soon for those zones so be advised.

This is a true front so this storm system will get a name and a category.  Today’s system did not meet the criteria for such because it has to sweep from SLO/SBA County east to at least San Diego County and the Inland Empire to get a name and a category.


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