WARNING: Tropical System To Cause Flooding In Southern California Now Through Thursday



A cutoff low moving into the area was far enough south to bring rainfall to Southern California, as predicted … many were saying, including the news … ‘where did this come from’? … I laughed …  … but it isn’t even over yet nor has the peak hit.  Read on for deails as the SCWF Flood Advisories are in effect.

Put blank if you are west of Ventura County in SBA/SLO and Bakersfield you will not see the flooding … so this is for all areas Los Angeles, south and eastward.

Moving on … Flood Advisories are issued by me on the website and the impacts will be felt overnight tonight and in to Thursday for all the advisory areas.   For December however this is a rare event as this is more like a ‘Summer Monsoon’ with an upper level low to the southwest of us as the source to pull the moisture in.

Various models impact the area with heavy rainfall … including the rare Eastern Southern California Deserts including along the Colorado River Valley.

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For Pacific Storm Dante however the system looks similar to Cruella with strong winds with it and heavy rainfall and more flooding… later Friday through Saturday morning … That will be updated on as soon as the track is established tomorrow evening.   SCWF Flood Watches are in place for those days …

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