BREAKING NEWS: California’s ‘Ark-storm’ To Hit; Predicted Back In August!


The state of California for the most part will be hit with massive storm systems that will bring feet of snow to the Sierras and a year’s worth of ‘Seattle Rainfall’ to the valleys of Central and Northern California, with Southern California at the tail-end of the action.  Keep in mind this was predicted boldly back in August 2016 so read on for details as you should be getting your flood preparations up now if west of Los Angeles and all of the Central and Northern California region.  This is a California drought-buster …

In August 2016 (link to article) I released an article about the coming weather pattern for this year.  Despite not being an El Nino I believed the atmospheric profiles at the period were shaping up for the season to go above average in rainfall, including the entire state.  This such article decision was a bold one because the long range capabilities in weather prediction from ‘normal’ weather people is not available … but it is possible with the right mind.   As you know by now I have mild-autism, fluent with patterns and numbers … a reason I can do what I do.  So I went out with what I saw to produce that article.

It seems that prediction is coming true for this weekend will mark the start of a storm-train that will be connected to the Central Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, otherwise known to many of us as the Pineapple Express.  The aiming of this stream of moisture will be mainly for Central and Northern California, however Southern California will get the tail-end of it … San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern County seeing more than Los Angeles south and eastward.

The first system is expected over the weekend.  Mammoth Mountain snow-levels will hover just below the 10,000 FT mark so this is a very warm storm, indicative of the Pineapple Express.  The storm will last all weekend and move out after Sunday.  For that one alone I’ll go with from 12-24″ of snowfall in Mammoth Resort, likely the mid to latter.

For rainfall I’ll go with over an inch for Los Angeles, Orange County and Some Inland Empire locations.  An inch to two inches in Bakersfield, Ventura, and most of Santa Barbara County.  Four inches in San Luis Obispo and the winner in Southern California will be Pismo Beach at over seven inches.  San Diego will be the weakest with near an inch or so margin 0.50 to 1.00″ … along with over a half inch for most High Desert metro areas, Lancaster seeing near an inch so more than Barstow … with virtually only a trace in the Low Deserts east of the Inland Empire and San Diego County areas.

For Central and Northern California for the weekend storm system you’ll see far more than Southern California with widespread 3-5″ amounts everywhere and most foothill areas seeing over eight inches of rainfall!  Heck even Bishop will get in on the action at 3″ of rainfall.

More storms will hit after this weekend into next week between January 9th and the 15th … doubling, and in some cases tripling rainfall amounts in the Central/Northern California regions … while keeping a steady slow increase for metro Southern California … Pismo Beach ending up near a foot of rain.

Updates will be made to this as the storms near the region … but consider this an ARK-storm type scenario … We need it … but this is going to be too much in a short period of time for some of you.

The following models here at this weather office clearly shows what type of situation we are dealing with, especially for Central and Northern California … NOTE the weaker areas in parts of Southern California.

Models below go from now till January 15th, 2017 – Mammoth Resort will see between 7-10 FT of snowfall

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