Pacific Storm Freddy Hits Through Monday Morning; Category Two; Alerts Issued


Pacific Storm Freddy has hit San Luis Obispo by early this evening, Vandenberg being hit somewhere near 6-7pm.  Flood risk model shows high risk flooding across these areas with the VT/LA/OC/IE areas getting in on the action … San Diego Downtown tail-end (not much) … Read on for details …

The front will continue eastward, impacting Ventura by around 10pm, with Los Angeles and OC after midnight to 4am on Monday morning .. .and after sunrise mostly for the OC/IE/SD Forecast zones.

Given this, many areas will receive over 0.5″ of rainfall for the LA/OC/IE areas, over an inch for SBA/SLO County and between 0.5 – 1.0″ for Ventura County.  Flood advisories are issued when the rainfall rate (not amount) is expected to be high enough in a short period of time to produce some flooding and road issues …

The snow level will be over 8,000 FT for most of the storm so this is also for the resort and mountain city locations of LA/SBD/RIV/KERN/VT Mountains.

At the current time I am looking over the metros and seeing exactly what to issue in the Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Inland Empire areas as dynamics are becoming favorable with a few jet position moves and cold air aloft moving in for the risk of lightning to be possible … mainly in the LA/OC areas at the time where stronger instability has been noted.

For this the monitoring of the storm will continue …

Freddy is a Category Two Pacific Storm and duh to the torrential high-rate of rainfall expected, some gusty winds, and some lightning along the front.

Mountain/Desert winds (nominal) will continue through Monday and maybe even Tuesday behind the system.

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