January 9, 2017 at 9:34 pm

Questionable: Storm Pattern Returning Fierce After January 19th?


Right now it is questionable but since the member section was put on trial till the 16th I can release the long range free for all!  Will a fierce storm pattern finally impact Southern California this month?  Read on for details …

Ensemble models here at Southern California Weather Force a few days ago said it would have a ‘slight ridge’ which would; in reality, shove most of the activity to Northern and Central California once again.   However dare I say it one of the NOAA models did call for a storm pattern and still is today.  Now my models are playing catch up and are starting to hint at it.  If it happens I was beat by their global model, which is rare … but I’ll accept it and just move on.

My numbers are now trying to show a dynamic jet flow pattern similar to January 2010 where tornadoes did hit the forecast area.  This would be because when you have a dynamic atmosphere combining tropical moisture and cold air aloft along with a zonal jet stream into the area you will get the ingredients for severe thunderstorms, and with the zonal flow over the front you’d get eminence shear to go along with it.

I will be away between January 18th and February 2nd … however I will have my laptop with me along with all the tools needed to issue alerts to you and premium members.

There are a few negatives I’m watching to …

  1.  My numbers over the last 2 weeks said slight ridging pattern.
  2. It’s a NOAA model
  3. My numbers are trying to go that way now but it’s only right now.  I’ll need four more days… but keep the forecast in mind.

That’s is it … stay tuned to Southern California Weather Force

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